Welcome to Parafreedom Air Sports the only paragliding school on the Texas Gulf Coast.
Do you snow ski, water ski, scuba dive or enjoy other outdoor activities?  Are you ready for something new and are 16 years old to 75 years young?
Have you like many people always wanted to fly but couldn't afford the expense of general aviation training?  Maybe this is for you - an aircraft that will fit into the back of your car.
Explore paragliding and soar for hours like a hawk on columns of rising air or ride the waves of air running along hill and mountain tops.  In the flatlands you'll tow up and release to search the air free flight.  In mountain areas you'll launch from slopes to ridge soar or go cross country seeking thermals.
Do you have land you'd like to explore?  How about growing up wondering what was on the other side of those trees or wondering where the best duck ponds and fishing holes were.
Ranchers,  do have cattle to look for and fences to check?   Do you wonder what wildlife your lease lands hold but don't want to spend the money for helicopter surveys?   If yes to these questions then maybe you want to look into Powered Paragliding.
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Click on the link Student's Perspective to read a little from students about training and what brought them to the sport.
 Contact us at:
(979) 235 - 0340  or at budwruck@gmail.com
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Bud Wruck
Parafreedom Air Sports
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Bud Wruck :
Free Flight and Powered Instruction
Over the Water Safety and Maneuvers Sessions
USHPA Advanced Instructor
USHPA Tandem Instructor
USHPA Tow Administrator
USPPA Instructor

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Getting in the Air
Where We Fly
Maneuvers 2007

       Fly far - land soft. 
   Parafreedom Air Sports
Parafreedom Air Sports
Yes, you can do this.           No, you don't have to be an extreme athlete.
Yes, it's as fun as it looks.    No, there aren't worldly problems up there.
Yes, you can afford this.      No , you don't need a mountain to jump off of.
Yes - yes you can do this.    (...and no you wont just "fall out of the sky".)

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  "Sometimes, flying feels too godlike to be attained by man. Sometimes, the world from above seems too beautiful, too wonderful, too distant for human eyes to see." Charles Lindbergh
Sonny Michalsky carving the Panama City , FL beach. add text.
Lake tow - lift off, touch the clouds, land, laugh - repeat.
Western US Tour - adventure pilot Glenn Tupper. Check out Glenn's other videos on You Tube.
Beach Blast - Chris Santacroce, Red Bull Pilot, Super Fly owner and good friend.  See his remarks on the lower right of this page.
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Last flight of the 2012 Euro trip.  Clouds forming  around us as we flew with rainbows across the valley.  Could not have been better.  
Lake maneuvers with Russell Croman- experienced pilot.
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Super Fly and Bud Wruck's Parafreedom have been partners for years.. . It doesn't take long to see what kind of person Bud is; a look at Bud's students tells the whole story. They are all first class people. Bud always reminds us that his Houston area outfit is just Super Fly south. We are flattered that he thinks of us as his counterpart and we always look forward to our next Super Fly/ Parafreedom event.

In the words of Dave Crocket: Yall can go to hell, I am going with Parafreedom!

Chris Santacroce
What is a Paraglider?  A fun presentation by James Bradley.
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Step 2 - come with us!